Taking into consideration next generations’ future, we are focused on follow an increasingly sustainability path.

The scariest is that there is no planet B. There is a seriously need to think about our planet destiny. Accordingly, we are making efforts to reduce environmental impacts by improving efficiency in daily operations. We seek to contribute to reduce the global ecological footprint, by following policies on reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and Zero Waste principles. In short, our goal is to provide a responsible supply by working throughout the value chain.

Stay up-to-date with some initiatives being embraced by Torfal:

• Analyses on environmental impacts are made through the development process of new products. It forces the design team to think on incorporation of sustainable raw materials, as well as to promote the use  of recyclable materials at the products’ end-of-life
• We are able to supply pieces produced with yarn made from plastic bottles

• We prefer to use organic cotton

• We encourage the use of tissues such as wastes.

• We promote trees planting and partnerships with entities such as QUERCUS

Partners and social responsibility

• Our Code of Conduct goes beyond the eight work conventions. The compliance with Code of Conduct is mandatory for all employees. To do so, the Code was presented to all employees and posted in our facilities.

Torfa´s Code of Conduct »

• On one hand we are committed with social causes. On the other hand, we try to implement a management model that follows our corporate culture but also match a market with increasingly requirements on negotiation dynamics and corporate sustainability.   • Torfal considers all those processes into negotiations with external partners. Annually, the Code of Conduct is presented to suppliers to ensure that they act in accordance with their exigencies. The Code of Conduct gathers requirements from Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and International Labour Organization (ILO) based on Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
• We continuously invest in a relationship based on proximity, trust and respect, with our partners. Torfal is a certified enterprise that meets standards of rigor and compliance of quality and environmental management system while searching for an alignment with partners.
• We work with business entities that provide the best materials and accessories. They are always at the forefront of fashion and innovation with constant concerns on environmental and social issues.