VARAK, high-end technical clothing

Torfal has been focused on work wear and image wear clothing lines. However, as a result of the market and our clients’ demands, we decided to extend our business to the ​technical clothing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) taking VARAK brand into our portfolio.
At VARAK we are specialists in the production of technical clothing focused on sectors exposed to intensive working conditions, such as adverse weather conditions or rescue jobs. We produce resistant clothing products for the hardest professions. We have different fabrics according to different user needs. We offer a high-end uniform where, above all, safety is paramount.
Our clothing is developed based on the opinions, needs and requirements of our customers, and  an important part of our work is based on the concerns of professionals  with a higher occupational risk profile. We contribute to the improvement of the performance of those professionals, offering not only the maximum protection, but also the necessary comfort for their working routine.
Unique designs with a performance at the highest level. We use the latest technology and materials that promote maximum resistance, granting users the comfort and safety they deserve on their daily work. With a range of certified clothing which means wit its quality tested in laboratory, allowing us to respond to many specific requirements.
VARAK, high-end technical clothing. Maximum quality and safety.