European Parliament and European Commission
In 2013, the European Parliament selected us, from an international public tender, to become the supplier of the Security Agents uniform. We’ve been successively enlarging our service coverage to other teams and range of products.
In 2017 it was the European Commission turn to trust us their agents’ uniform.
Torfal offers them both an integrated global service, which in a first stage involved the design and industrial development of the garments. And in a roll out stage involves a programmed measurement services, production, custom delivery and complementary services.
These contracts are extremely demanding in terms of the quality and consistency of the processes, because the products are produced and delivered individually by employee. There are regular measure taking sessions, according to teams rotation, this process also requires regular travels to Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg to ensure delivery.

Clients since 2013 and 2017 | www.europarl.europa.eu e https://ec.europa.eu/commission/

"I recommend Torfal as a solid and reliable supplier and a specialist in its field of expertise."
Virginia POSTIGLIONE | Responsible for the Uniforms in EP