PARADORES: High quality hotel chain in Spain
In this project we support the selection of materials and industrial development of their new image – general and kitchen. Besides developing all prototypes, measure taking for up to 4000 employees aiming at adjusting size scales to this population, we produced, provisioned and delivered door to door more than 40.000 pieces in less than 6 months for approximately 100 hotel units spread across all Spain.
We are serving them since then and in 2016 we implemented our online ordering service ON.Torfal, giving to each unit responsible the ability to look for each of her employees, their respective endowment and latest ordered sizes, making the ordering per employee process a super-simple chore.

Client since 2010 | www.parador.es

“Thank you so much, working this way is a pleasure. I made my first online order today and had many doubts, but it is inginious. I can imagine the huge work behind this in order to put this online. It is simple, easy and very quick. To be able to select the hotel departments and manage to see each person’s endwoment it’s wonderful. Congratulations and thank you for making our job so much easier."