EDP – ENERGIAS DE PORTUGAL: leading company in the energy sector
We are EDP suppliers since 2007, supporting their uniform image renewal twice. The newest uniform was implemented in 2013 under the guidance of the renowned fashion designer Nuno Baltazar, and again proved the quality and consistency of our service. We were accountable for the impeccable fitting on day 1 of their new uniform by measure taking each of their 700 employees spread across 50 different sites in less than 3 weeks. We go way beyond first impact service, we maintain in our premises stocks of finished goods and materials to smoothly face both regular orders and new openings.
Ordering through ON.Torfal has made all process very simple. Now each shop manager can easily choose what to order, when and for who.

Client since 2007 | www.edp.pt

”Throughout the various stages of EDP corporate wear supply, Torfal has been most cooperative and fully committed on finding the best solution for the customer.”
Isabel PINHO | Marketing and Image coordinator