Account manager – single point of contact

We value each and every client, so for each of them we appoint an account manager, who will be entitled to represent his clients’ interests within our organization.

Our experienced team of account managers has an intensive training schedule and they leverage on our operations teams to become true experts in a broad range of areas covering our value chain. Taking in consideration the nature of our clients, we gather a profound know how on planning delivery projects, from different sizes and destinations.

The account manager overviews the whole value chain for his clients. We regularly develop forecasting sessions, where seasonal consumption statistics are analyzed against stocks (fabrics and trimmings, finished garments, …), and service levels reviews where we continuously search for improvement opportunities..

Post sales and Quality – support in continuity

Client satisfaction does not depend entirely on service and product delivery itself, our service does not end on delivery.

We understand the importance of this and have an independent department that dedicates exclusively on client support: Post-sales quality control, solving and preventing procedures.